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Is a leaf mining moth that can’t fly
So has hitched lifts on lorries and cars
All the way from Macedonia, finally finding
My boyhood chestnut tree.

It stands in Joe Wilson’s old farmyard
Where he kept a cow, a sow and a few hens
Opposite the bulge in the church wall.

After Sunday school we hid amongst leaves bigger
Than our heads, and dropped conkers on choir girls.

Today is the first of August, Autumn has come early.
Her once magnificent spars, stark as the Somme
Are bare, black against blue.

A retired executive is sweeping
Shrivelled brown-edged fingers
Into his bright red wheelbarrow and
Trundling my childhood away.


Cameraria Ohridella was shortlisted for the Strokestown International Prize at the Strokestown International Poetry Festival, Roscommon, Ireland, 2016.

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