Ever wish you could just go somewhere else?

In this, his third book, David Smith invites you to visit places near and far, journey back into childhood and reflect on the passage of time.

This wildly eclectic collection of poetry sings with melancholy, humour, wistful reflection and evocative insight, provoking a wide range of emotions from page to page.

Written in a frugal style that makes for a rare accessibility to inner meaning, this is a thought-provoking and immensely readable collection of poems.

Includes the poem, Cameraria Ohridella, shortlisted for the Strokestown International Prize at the Strokestown International Poetry Festival, Roscommon, Ireland, 2016.

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"In 'Unnatural Workings' David Smith interweaves the varied and numerous antagonisms inherent in lived experience: from the farmer's struggle with nature against a backdrop of wartime memories, reflections upon historical battles, memorials and battle scars in the landscape, the tug of war that underscores love and relationships, the eventual surrender to the inevitable. These poems move between the public and the private."

Bob Beagrie, Lecturer in Creative Writing, Teesside University

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