About David

David Smith lives and writes in North Yorkshire. Born into a farming family, his career was in international business and his work often uses his rural grounding to reflect and observe the world.

After retirement, he gained a First Class honours degree in English, and his thesis on Arthur Miller, the American playwright, led to his regular reviews and submissions to the prestigious Arthur Miller journal in New York.

David obtained an MA in Creative Writing, which led to him leading workshops in both schools and adult groups. He is active in local writing and Stanza groups.

After the publication of his first book, Corset Pink Walls, his second, Unnatural Workings, was published in 2011. His new book, The Stencil Room, will be released in July 2016.

David’s work has been published in Assent Press and Squirrel Press, and he has also been shortlisted for The Sid Chaplin Story Competition. Most recently, he was shortlisted for the Strokestown International Poetry Competition in Ireland.

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